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Health Conditions

Treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis. You are unique and supporting you with the health conditions you may have, will be specific to your journey. Finding a balance of the best available evidence, wisdom of nature and naturopathic philosophy, as well as what resonates with you will guide your healing path.



What causes fatigue? There may be many factors, ranging from deficiencies, poor sleep to more serious conditions. Identifying the causes and understanding why they contribute to being tired, we will design a plan together that resonates with you. There are tools to improve energy short term and long term, regardless of the causes.


Sleep conditions and insomnia

Sleep influences our overall health. Understanding sleep conditions, what may be preventing a restful night, and what other factors may be involved, goes beyond just good sleep hygiene. Hormones, pain, environmental factors, stress or medications may be some causes- let's find your approach to a restful night.

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Digestive conditions

Imbalanced digestion can present as heartburn, food intolerances, gall bladder disorders, IBS, and more. Constipated? It may be common, but not normal. Your digestive system does much more than break down food. There are elaborate connections between the digestive, immune and nervous systems.  Let's discover what nourishes you to optimize your absorption.

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Pain and neurological conditions

There is a spectrum of what a pain experience is, and this is highly individual.  Pain is a signal the body uses to indicate an imbalance, injury, threat or harm. While pain and the nervous system are interrelated, neurological conditions can present without pain. With both, root causes guide options available, towards management and relief.

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Immunity and autoimmunity

The immune system is complex and involved with such conditions as allergies, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), autoimmune disorders, infections, among others. Some individuals may react to mycotoxins or overreact to every day items.  We can support your immune system to find a balance on your wellness path .

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Mental health

Supporting mental health is a journey. This path can be illuminating, as some mental health states and psychiatric conditions can be caused by infections, physical trauma, environmental factors, hormones, poor nutrition among others. Treating the whole person empowers each individual with a sense of purpose, as this journey evolves towards your health goals.

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